Communication Policy

The firm is committed to being responsive to its clients and all others.  To facility its responsiveness, the firm has assembled protocols for communicating.

Telephone Communications

It is the firm’s policy that it will return all unanswered phone calls within two hours.  This policy encompasses all calls received during normal business hours and will be complied with unless an employee is continuously busy.  In all instances, unanswered phone call that are received during normal business hours will be returned by the end of the day.

The firm is cognizant that some client concerns cannot be properly addressed within a few hours.  In those instances, the firm will inform the client that it knows of the client’s concerns and will give the client an approximate time schedule for when the firm will have an appropriate answer.

The firm has an unbreakable policy of not providing any legal advice or services to non-clients unless it is in the context of a pre-scheduled, paid telephonic consultation.

E-mail Communications

It is the firm’s policy to return all client e-mail communications within twelve hours of receiving an e-mail.  All non-client e-mail communications received by the firm will be responded to within forty-eight hours of it being received.

The firm may not be able to properly address a client concern within twenty-four hours.  In those instances where the firm needs more time to address a concern, the client will receive acknowledgment from the firm that their email has been received and an indication of when the client should expect an appropriate answer.

Similar to its telephone communications policy, it is the firm’s unbreakable policy to not provide any legal advice or services to non-clients through e-mail or any other electronic communications.